Harrowing Of Hell

GOAT and Sheep of the Good Shepherd

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! It probably isn’t surprising to hear me say that I am not exactly a sports enthusiast. I think I may love enough of the standard PNW pursuits to allow me regional citizenship – I like to walk, swim, hike, and bike – all good Seattle activities, right? And as

Authority and Liberation

Good morning. We have a short piece of scripture today that revolves around the word authority, and so, with the authority vested with me, that is the word that I am going to preach about today. Let’s begin by reviewing where we are: Jesus is in Galilee. He has just begun choosing his disciples. There

Fishing with Pelagius and Augustine for a Trinitarian God

Today I want to preach about the state of our nation, and while the January 20 inauguration was honorable and majestic, as it should be, I am still troubled by what happened at the US Capitol building  on January 6. The memory of signs and symbols asserting that it was a Christian sanctioned movement: a