You Will Be My Witness

Our History

Serving the spiritual needs of our community for over 100 years

Epiphany was founded in 1907 in a neighborhood storefront to serve the spiritual needs of a rapidly growing Seattle. The first Sunday school teacher was a physician, and he set the tone for spiritual health, wholeness, and holiness, and for Epiphany to become a spiritual center for the rigorous practice of Christianity.

The Chapel was designed by Epiphany parishioner Ellsworth Storey, an important architect in the Arts and Crafts tradition, and built in 1911. The sanctuary or main church was built in 1951. Both sacred spaces house organs built for them, the Noack organ in the church, built in 1996, and the Pasi organ in the chapel, built in 2015.

Epiphany has grown and adjusted to meet the needs of the city of Seattle. After World War II, Epiphany became a central meeting place for the Madrona neighborhood. Boy Scouts met here, dance classes were taught here, and a thriving choral music program developed. In the 1950’s, a school was built.

In the 1970’s Epiphany became an outspoken advocate of the Civil Rights movement, and its sanctuary was firebombed. No one was hurt, and repairs were made.

Today, Epiphany sees her role as a place of spiritual formation, soulful respite, deep relationship, beautiful music, and the heartfelt worship of God. In this era of social action and long needed cultural transformation, Epiphany continues to work to fill her role as a spiritual center of gravity for those attentive to their souls and seeking to walk the way of Jesus.