Special Services & Celebrations

Special Worship Services

As part of the Anglican Church, Epiphany follows a liturgical calendar, an ancient way of matching worship with the life of Jesus.

We celebrate key moments in Christ’s life and other important feast days through special services. In addition we have services to celebrate certain passages in our life of faith. Learn about our seasons, services and celebrations below.  

The first cycle of seasons covers about one quarter of our calendar year and is focused on the incarnation—that is, the birth of Jesus—and how God’s presence with us in this world focuses our attention on mercy and justice.



Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas, at which time we adorn the church in blue for the season. Advent is a season of waiting; we anticipate the presence of Jesus in the following ways:

Advent Lessons and Carols | On the second Sunday of Advent we have a choral service in which Advent carols and scripture readings tell the story of anticipation. The service is followed by a reception. 

The Greening of the Church | On the day before the fourth Sunday in Advent, we decorate the church with greenery and garlands. 







We hold multiple services to celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The first includes our Christmas pageant. The other services are led by the Epiphany Choir. The later services are preceded by a musical prelude featuring the Epiphany Choir and instrumentalists. 



The Christmas season begins on December 25 and celebrates the incarnate presence of Jesus. We celebrate Christmas Day with Holy Eucharist in the morning and, for the duration of the twelve days of Christmas, the church is adorned in white. 




Epiphany is on January 6 and marks the day the Wise Men visited Jesus in Bethlehem. Epiphany is our eponymous feast day, so we celebrate with a lively worship service, followed by a party. The color is white. Click here for instructions of performing an Epiphany Home Blessing (“chalking”).





Following the feast of Epiphany is Ordinary Time, in which we focus our lives on a world transformed by the incarnational presence of Jesus. The seasonal color of the church is green to celebrate the light of Christ’s presence that shines upon a darkened world. The following are particular dates of celebration during the Season of Epiphany:

Baptism of Jesus | On the Sunday after Epiphany we have baptisms and a renewal of baptismal vows during the service.

Mardi Gras | On the evening before Ash Wednesday (also called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday), we have a Mardi Gras pancake supper and burn the palm fronds from last year’s Palm Sunday.

Evensong and Have a Heart | On the Sunday closest to St. Valentine’s Day, the Epiphany Choir leads an Evensong service, which is followed by the annual Have a Heart fundraiser for Service & Outreach ministries at Epiphany.

The second cycle covers three quarters of the calendar year and focuses on our eternal communion with the resurrected Christ.



The season of Lent anticipates Christ’s death and resurrection with a long meditation on the Cross. For forty days, the church is draped in purple, and we refrain from saying “Alleluia!” in worship. Several services and gatherings help us celebrate Lent:

Ash Wednesday | On the first day of Lent, we remember that we are dust and receive ashes on the forehead. We have a morning service and an evening service, followed by an opportunity for the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) with a priest.

Holy Week | The week before Easter is an intensive time of worship and remembrance with services every evening:

  • Palm Sunday: A palm procession preceding regular services
  • Holy Monday: Stations of the Cross at 7:30 pm
  • Holy Tuesday: Service in the style of Taizé at 7:30 pm
  • Holy Wednesday: Tennebrae  at 7:30 pm
  • Maundy Thursday: An “agape meal” followed by a Eucharist service with foot-washing and the stripping of the altar.
  • Watchnight: Vigil in the chapel beginning after the Maundy Thursday service until the next morning
  • Good Friday: Communion service with the Passion sung by the Epiphany Choir, followed by an opportunity for the sacrament of reconciliation (confession) with a priest at 7:30 pm 
  • Holy Saturday: A simple midday prayer service
  • The Great Easter Vigil: A quiet meditative service with baptisms, a renewal of baptismal vows, and candles, which turns into a raucous celebration of the Resurrection at 8:00 pm This service is followed by a reception.




Easter celebrates the resurrected Christ in our midst. On Easter morning, we celebrate with a Festal Eucharist and an Easter brunch. The church is adorned in white for the fifty days of the Easter season.




Pentecost is the birthday of the Church and a celebration of the Holy Spirit. We wear red on this day, have baptisms, renew our baptismal vows, and have a party with red cupcakes after the services. Pentecost begins the season of Ordinary Time, which is focused on living our life as it will be for eternity.




The following feast days and Epiphany traditions take place during ordinary time:

Fall Kick-Off Picnic | On the Sunday after Labor Day, we kick off our program year with an all-church picnic to celebrate the return of regular Sunday School, the Epiphany Choir, adult formation programming, and youth group.

Feast of St. Francis | On the first Sunday of October, we celebrate St. Francis, the patron saint of animals, with an animal blessing. All pets are invited.

All Saints’ Day | On the Sunday closest to November 1, we celebrate the communion of saints with baptisms and a renewal of baptismal vows.

All Faithful Departed | On Sunday evening of All Saints’ Day we have a service in honor of all of our parishioners, family members, and neighbors who have passed away during the prior year. We read the necrology. This service includes the use of incense and Sanctus bells.

Altar of Remembrance | During the month of November we remember our loved ones who have passed away with an altar of remembrance on which parishioners are invited to leave pictures of their loved ones.

Thanksgiving | We celebrate with a Eucharist service in the morning.
The cycle of incarnation is about our work to bring mercy and justice to this day and time. The cycle of resurrection is about character formation for our eternal work with God. Each cycle, with its different emphasis, has the same impact—that the love of Christ is more fully known in our lives and and in the world.

Epiphany is a beautiful, sacred place to celebrate the union of two people in the sacrament of marriage. We welcome all couples with a sincere desire to be married in a Christian service, without discrimination based on sexual preference. Please contact Diane Carlisle at epiphanyparish@epiphanyseattle.org or 206-324-2573 to schedule an initial appointment or if you have any questions.

Having a Celebration of Life service at Epiphany is a beautiful way to gather your loved ones to remember and honor the life of your loved one. We will walk with you each step of the way as you plan this service. A booklet is attached which will help you as you begin initial planning. If you would like to schedule a funeral or just have questions, please contact Diane Carlisle at epiphanyparish@epiphanyseattle.org or 206-324-2573.

Additionally we have an outdoor Columbarium in our campus gardens, if you would like to inter your loved one’s cremains.

Celebrating Baptism

Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body, the Church. It is a public statement of one’s intentional decision to follow the way of Jesus. In the case of infant baptism, it is the parents’ declaration of their intent to raise a child in the way of Jesus. The bond that God establishes in baptism is indissoluble, so baptism is only administered once.

When you choose to be baptized yourself or to have your child baptized in the Episcopal Church, it means you are choosing to live out the Baptismal Covenant in the context of an Episcopal church community, taking your part in the worship, mission, and ministries of the local parish. Baptism is open to all people, regardless of age or background.

We believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey, and regardless of where you are on that journey you have a place at Epiphany. Baptism is a rite of initiation. It is a promise and a commitment to place God at the center of your life.




BAPTISM OF OUR LORD | The Sunday immediately following the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6.

THE EASTER VIGIL | The evening before Easter Sunday.

PENTECOST | The feast day following the 50 days of Easter.

ALL SAINTS’ DAY | usually the first Sunday in November.


BAPTISM OF OUR LORDJanuary 7January 12
THE EASTER VIGILMarch 30April 19
ALL SAINTS’ DAYNovember 3November 2


If you are considering baptism for either yourself or your child please contact Head Verger, Diane Carlisle at verger@epiphanyseattle.org.

Choral Evensong

Sung at the close of day in Cathedrals and churches throughout the world, Choral Evensong is a service of Evening Prayer, derived from the ancient offices of Vespers and Compline. The choir sings the traditional evening prayers of the church that have been offered for centuries, while the congregation listens, joins in the hymns, and adds their own prayers to those of the choir. It is an opportunity for peaceful meditation before the start of a busy week. A reception follows each service in Epiphany’s Fireside Room. Click here to learn more about Evensong.