Harrowing Of Hell

Guardians of Hope

Good morning. HAPPY EASTER! I’m so glad to see you today. There is a sense that we’re back to normal, if that’s really possible in a world where COVID is endemic. In fact, I know some of you can’t be here today because you have COVID. I’m glad you’re joining us online. I hope you’re

The God who Makes, Moves, Purposes, and Renews

As we sit in darkness having heard the Cantor sing: “This is the night…” we remember. This is the night we remember who our God is. We tell the stories about what our God has done. We remember that it is God who saves us. The song we just sang makes the point:   Surely it

At the Foot of the Cross

Today is Good Friday. This is the day Jesus was crucified. We tend to think of this day from Jesus’s perspective. We imagine what he was feeling. We envision what his body looked like – all bruised, and broken, and bloodied, nearly unrecognizable. Today IS a hard, hard day. I think of it as a

Maundy Thursday

Here we are, at Maundy Thursday. Our participation in Christ’s Passion was already real throughout this Holy Week, but it’s getting really real now. So, a question for you: How would you choose to spend the last night of your life? I had a friend who used to say that if the bombs were coming,

The Great Vigil

Tonight, I’d like you to join me on a journey to the Holy Land. I have been there 10 times, and tonight, I look forward to returning there with you. It is a journey that continues the exploration of our souls as so illuminated by Kelli on Maundy Thursday and Susan on Good Friday. We

Good Friday

Good evening. My name is Susan Pitchford, and I work on adult faith formation here at Epiphany.  “Good” Friday? Seriously? People often want to know, why do we call this day “good”? It’s a day of tragedy, of injustice, a day of suffering and darkness and death. What’s so good about that? Well, the short

The Pilgrims’ Icon

Dear Epiphany, I’m taking a moment to step back from sermon preparation for Holy Week to write you this letter of introduction to a new dimension of worship being introduced and Epiphany… iconography.  We have had icons in our midst since I’ve arrived at Epiphany. We have had icon writing classes and classes teaching how

The Upper Room

I am Kelli Martin and I have been a parishioner at Epiphany Parish for almost 4 years. This evening we celebrate Maundy Thursday. We get kind of funny about this day. No matter how gently or funnily or casually we try to talk about foot washing, somehow it always comes back to that. But Maundy

Experiencing Holy Week Online

Holy Week offers an opportunity for us engage with this most sacred season as Jesus journeys to the Cross and Resurrection. Epiphany will be streaming all major liturgies of Holy Week as well as offering unique, online-only options for our distanced parish. Below you will find a description of each service and a few things