Harrowing Of Hell

Trinity Sunday

This sermon has three parts. It’s Trinity Sunday—so, three parts, one sermon. And one part has three parts in it. But don’t worry, it’s not all that complicated. Because why would a sermon on the Trinity be complicated? So I’m going to say three things about the Trinity—three answers to the question we’ve been asking

Trinity Sunday

This Gospel presents the Trinity as a way of understanding God for, with, and in us and of understanding ourselves for, with, and in God as siblings  (1:12-13) who have seen what it means to be children of God in Jesus (1:14)   We are assigned this Gospel today, because it is Trinity Sunday.   Now, I

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

I’ve been hearing lately about conversations people have had with family members and good friends who refused to get vaccinated. (disqualify people who are immune-compromised) These conversations are exasperating! Nothing they say inspires their loved one to change their mind. Nothing works. It is crazy making. This is life and death, and there are not

Fishing with Pelagius and Augustine for a Trinitarian God

Today I want to preach about the state of our nation, and while the January 20 inauguration was honorable and majestic, as it should be, I am still troubled by what happened at the US Capitol building  on January 6. The memory of signs and symbols asserting that it was a Christian sanctioned movement: a