Harrowing Of Hell

Fishing with Pelagius and Augustine for a Trinitarian God

Today I want to preach about the state of our nation, and while the January 20 inauguration was honorable and majestic, as it should be, I am still troubled by what happened at the US Capitol building  on January 6. The memory of signs and symbols asserting that it was a Christian sanctioned movement: a

Holy Trinity

May 26, 2013, The Rev Kate Wesch preaching

She thought about it for a minute, and then predictably asked, “What’s the Holy Spirit?” Excellent question. Now, how on earth do I explain the Holy Spirit to a toddler? “The Holy Spirit is a very special gift from Jesus. The Holy Spirit is always with us. It’s like we are carrying around a small piece of God everywhere we go. It reminds us that God loves us.” “God loves us,” she repeated and then eagerly made plans to wear her bright red “Wonder Woman” t-shirt to church.