Harrowing Of Hell

Our Everyday Cross

To watch the sermon, click here. Today’s story has me thinking about the cross. It is ubiquitous in our lives.  Here in church, the cross is everywhere: we make the sign of the cross before the Gospel is read; before we settle in to hear the sermon; before and after we take communion; during the

God’s Got This!

To watch the sermon click here. It is good to be back after summer travels. I missed you. I missed opening my Bible and thinking about what you and I were going to talk about in the sermon Sunday. Writing a sermon is both completely delightful and utterly painful, because it requires digging into the

Listen. A Sower Went out to Sow

To watch the sermon click here. I’ve heard the Parable of the Sower more times than I can count, and I’ll bet many of you have too. And I almost always hear the parable as being about me. You know, what kind of soil am I? Am I rocky? Am I shallow? Am I full

Faith in Jesus in an Instant

Today’s story brings to life an image of how God moves in the world. Actual, physical movement. The movement in today’s scene is so vivid, perhaps all of us worshiping in this church and online can try to picture it, as if we were dropped right into this vibrant scene. We can imagine: Jesus moving

You are not your Doubts

Some years ago, my husband and I took his mother and daughter on the “Europe 101” tour. We visited a bunch of important western European cities, and it was a wonderful trip. My mother-in-law was a deeply devout Baptist lady, the kind of Christian whose faith inspired even the atheists around her. But she was

Adulting Faith

When I was a kid, I lived in sort of a wooded area. And winding through the woods was a series of paths, well-trodden by me and my friends on our journey toward adulthood. Now one of the dangers that we had to contend with were the bottomless pits of quicksand, hidden at the edges

Faith in Hard Times

Good morning. On Thursday evening this past week at the Feast of the Epiphany I shared my vision for this parish over the next year or seven. It included more thorough integration of our spiritual conversations. And so, today we begin with a sermon titled: Faith in Hard Times, followed by the 10:00 am forum

Signs in the Time of COVID

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that today you will find the occasion to rejoice in this day that the Lord has made and this season of summer 2021 that we are already a little over a month into… I know sometimes when something miraculous happens—like the creation of vaccines