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Chorister Program

Chorister Close UpBuilding Character, Community,
and Commitment

The Epiphany Parish Chorister Program provides children and youth ages 8 and up with outstanding professional choral training, music theory, and leadership development. Choristers become part of an intergenerational choir experience, where people of all ages come together to offer sacred music of the highest quality in the praise of God. No previous musical experience is required, only an eagerness to learn, age-appropriate reading proficiency, and a commitment to the choir schedule.

Tuition-free training in music
for ages 8 and up


Choristers And OrganA foundation for Life

Epiphany Choristers rehearse each week using the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music. While we sing as a group, we stress the musical development of each individual musician. Every week, our choristers are trained in vocal technique and music reading skills, giving each child the foundation for a lifetime of performance and enjoyment of music.

Exceptional Music

Our choirs are structured in the Anglican tradition, modeled after famous English choirs like that of Westminster Abbey. Epiphany choristers perform at a high level for Sunday services at Epiphany, both on their own and in combination with adult singers. They sing music from the great repertoire of the church, spanning a variety of styles, periods, and cultures.

Leadership & Teamwork

Teamwork, discipline, and respect for others are the building blocks of a successful choir. Performing in a choir develops these leadership skills, while valuing the contribution of each singer.

Instrumental Lesson Scholarships

Epiphany choristers may elect to study piano, or another instrument, through the Epiphany Music Academy. A limited number of scholarships are available to those who make a strong commitment to the choir program.


Becoming a chorister

Epiphany choristers are a part of an intergenerational community of skilled singers, who all contribute to the development of each chorister. Choristers are also given the opportunity to interact with and learn from our professional staff singers and committed volunteers. The training and community offered through Epiphany’s Chorister Program contributes to the formation of the whole child.

To visit us for a rehearsal or inquire further, contact Laura Sargent, Music Department Coordinator, at

More information is below:

To be a chorister, children do not need to be Episcopalian or a member of Epiphany. Children of any religious affiliation, or no affiliation, are warmly welcomed. As choristers participate in the parish’s worship, they learn about Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition in an environment that teaches God’s love for everyone and respects other faith traditions. Since few children can envision the enjoyment and rewards of a choir ex­perience, parental initiative and involvement is critical when considering membership.

  • New choristers may join at any time
  • Epiphany’s chorister program is open to girls and boys with unchanged voices, ages 8 and up
  • No prior musical training or experience is expected or required
  • There are no expenses or fees. The strong commitment that families make is all that is required
  • Visit us for a rehearsal or service. Contact Laura Sargent, Music Department Coordinator, to arrange an informal audition and interview.

The Choristers are restarting in September of 2022. For more information, please contact Laura Sargent, Music Department Coordinator, at

Several scholarships for tuition-free instrumental study at the Epiphany Music Academy are available to choristers willing to meet the attendance and practice requirements. We are fortunate to have the Epiphany Music Academy on our campus, giving our choristers access to world-class faculty on a variety of instruments.

Chorister scholarships are funded by the Epiphany Music Guild, and preference is given to those for whom the cost of instrumental study would be a challenge. 

Contact Zach Hemenway to learn more about chorister scholarships, and to inquire of their availability for the current program year.