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Icon MusicEpiphany is fortunate to have an outstanding choir, a strong music staff,  beautiful instruments, and wonderful spaces in which to make music. Music is a core strength of Epiphany, and we strive to uphold a standard of excellence in all of our musical offerings – both in terms of repertoire and performance. Our Music at Epiphany board was created to uphold that excellence, provide vision for the music program, and to sponsor world class concerts for our community. We hope that you will learn more about our musical life, and join us for a choral service or concert. Click below for our various opportunities, or scroll down to learn about special services, the instruments we play, the repertoire we sing, and Music at Epiphany.

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Special choral services

In addition to regular Sunday morning Eucharists and Choral Evensong, the Epiphany Choir offers several special services during the course of the program year, including a requiem mass for the faithful departed, two carol services, and special offerings during Holy Week. Click on the tabs below to learn about special services that take place during the 2023-2024 program year.

The Fauré Requiem

Sunday, November 5, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.
Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel

The Epiphany Choir
Zach Hemenway, Director of Music
Julian Petrallia, Organist

The Epiphany Choir will sing Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in remembrance of all who have departed this life. Written for choir, soloists, and organ, this work features lush harmonies, fluid chant-like lines, and a virtuoso organ part. This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the most beautiful and frequently performed settings of the Requiem within its original context: the Mass.

 B1 9802Advent Carol Service

Sunday, December 10, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.
Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel

The Epiphany Choir
Zach Hemenway, Director of Music
Julian Petrallia, Assistant Director of Music

A candlelit service of Scripture and music to prepare for the coming of Christ. This service begins in darkness and gradually moves to light as we anticipate the coming of Christ, and favorite Advent carols and choral music are sung by the Epiphany Choir from various locations in the church. Early seating is advised.

The Magi Henry Siddons Mowbray 1915 Zkq72e2Lessons & Carols for Christmas

Sunday, December 17, 2023 | 5:30 p.m.
Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel

The Epiphany Choir
Zach Hemenway, Director of Music
Julian Petrallia, Assistant Director of Music

Following the pattern of the traditional service of Nine Lessons and Carols, made famous by King’s College, Cambridge, the Epiphany Choir will offer a celebration of favorite Christmas carols and anthems, having celebrated the four Sundays of Advent. Early seating is advised. A festive reception will follow the service in the Great Hall.

Taizé Evening Prayer

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.
Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel

Join the Epiphany Choir for a music-filled service of reflection on the Tuesday of Holy Week. This annual Taize service features chants, readings, prayers, and candle lighting.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.
Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel

Latin for “Darkness”, Tenebrae is an ancient service of prayer in which candles are gradually extinguished. The church grows increasingly dim as the congregation meditates on the final hours of Christ’s life during Holy Week. The Epiphany Choir chants psalms and sings anthems that help to guide the congregation through the gradual fading of light in this powerful service on Wednesday of Holy Week.


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Music at Epiphany Parish is firmly rooted in the centuries-old Anglican tradition. Though this may mean that you will hear much music from the English Cathedral repertoire, we are also committed to expanding definition of what the Anglican Tradition is. At its core, the Anglican musical tradition is about excellence in music making, not only about compositional style. As a result, we sing music spanning six centuries and a variety of musical styles. 

Current Program Year
Fall 2023

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Organs & Instruments

Epiphany is fortunate to have two fine pipe-organs, seven grand pianos, and a harpsichord with which to perform, sing, and teach. We are passionate about sharing these beautiful instruments with our parish and with the wider Seattle community. Click below to learn more about the musical resources on our campus.

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The organ in the church was installed in 1997 by American organ builder Fritz Noack. It’s playing action is mechanical, which allows for optimum control of the speech of the pipes from the player. The tonal design of the Noack allows it to comfortably play music of a variety of styles and time periods.

Click here for a full stoplist and more information.

Chapel Pasi

The organ in the chapel was installed in 2016 by Tacoma-based organ builder Martin Pasi. Its action is mechanical and its construction is based on the same time-honored principles of the organ in the church.

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In 2010 a spinet harpsichord was donated by parishioner Bill Hoppin. It was replaced by Mr. Hoppin in 2014 by a full-size, Flemish-style harpsichord from the workshop of Frank Hubbard in Boston. Its exterior finish was restored in 18th-century antique style under the direction of parishioner and antique specialist David Weatherford. It is currently at home in the chapel and moves easily to any location for performances.

Epiphany is fortunate to have seven grand pianos (three Steinways, one Kawai, one Steiff, and two Chickerings), and one Baldwin spinet piano on campus. Most notable are the Kawai in the choir room, the Steinway in the church, and the 1901 Hamburg Steinway in the Chapel.

About Music at Epiphany

Music at Epiphany is the music ministry of Epiphany Parish. Its mission is to deliver excellence in sacred music offered in the praise of God, that enhances the spiritual well-being of each person it touches. Epiphany Music programs are rooted in active education, skill development, listening and performance by engaging children and adults.

Music at Epiphany is composed of the Epiphany Choir, Epiphany Choristers, Epiphany Music Academy and the spaces, instruments, and musicians of Epiphany Parish. The Music at Epiphany Board meets regularly to advise and support the music department staff in their work.