Harrowing Of Hell

Embraced by Love: The Intercession of the Holy Spirit

To watch the sermon click here. Good morning. Today, let me tell you what I know about love. When I was being interviewed for the position of Associate Rector, there was an interview panel of 5 people. We sat in the Fireside room. Each person had a list of questions that they asked me. We

Love is more than a Feeling

This morning I want to preach about a topic that seems easy, and self-evident in the Kingdom of God, and I’m going to make it really complicated. (Typical.) The topic is love. It is a many splendored thing. It’s big and it’s sweet. It’s a playground. And it’s for puppies…It’s all you really need because

Is it About Love?

In today’s Gospel, Mary is chastised for wasting expensive perfume when the proceeds from selling it could have been used instead to help the poor.  It is probably a familiar passage, or at least it is to me, and one that always puzzled me. The question with which Mary is berated—why not sell it and

Love is in Control

Good morning. My name is Susan Pitchford, and I work on adult faith formation here at Epiphany. This morning I want to talk about control. Control, and how little of it we actually have. “Was he a smoker?” “Had she been drinking?” “What were they doing out at that hour?” Those are the kinds of

Face Your Life With Facts of Love

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. For us Christians, it’s the start of our New Year, the start of the liturgical calendar. We Christians are taught that during Advent we anticipate the birth of Jesus. And we anticipate Jesus’ return. Advent is all about joy. Quietly anticipating the joy of Jesus. The joy that

Signs in the Time of COVID

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that today you will find the occasion to rejoice in this day that the Lord has made and this season of summer 2021 that we are already a little over a month into… I know sometimes when something miraculous happens—like the creation of vaccines

Grace of God

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends: We live in a bubble of grace. While we may not always recognize it, each and every cell in our body—each and every hair on our head is not only surrounded by, but made of, God. Will you do me a favor? For just a minute will you close