Harrowing Of Hell

Hard Things Lead to the Best Things

Good morning. I wish I’d gotten off another plane this week, so I could rewrite my sermon and avoid Jesus’ comment about how hard it is for those who have wealth to get into the Kingdom of God. Not a top 10 favorite on an annual appeal Sunday, particularly in Seattle, where stock portfolios and

Stilling Storms

I’m very excited for the opportunity Doyt has given me to bring the word this morning. Last week sitting out there in the pew was my first time at a worship service in person since Ash Wednesday of last year. For all of us this has been the longest Lent ever and while every Sunday

Rector’s Summer Reading

Dear Epiphany, As summer sets upon us, I hope you have an opportunity to do some reading. Maybe you’ll even join me in reading Timothy Keller’s new book Hope in Times of Fear. I’m a fan of Mr. Keller, having been influenced by his wonderful book The Reason for God. Keller wrote that book 20+