Harrowing Of Hell

Be Like Mary

In many families, mine included, there are names that are passed down from generation to generation. In my family that name is Mary Elizabeth. On my father’s side his mother and his father’s sister were both named Mary Elizabeth. My mother’s sister and her maternal grandmother were also named Mary Elizabeth. Even my own sister

The Visitation, the Magnificat

Good morning. My name is Susan Pitchford, and I am Epiphany’s “Off-site Anchorite.” It’s a deliberately absurd title, but essentially I’m here to support the spiritual formation of members of the parish. If you’d like to know more, let’s talk. Advent is the time when we’re supposed to be waiting in quiet expectation, right? I

Joy to the World!

Good morning Christians, seekers and friends: Merry Christmas! And thank you so much for joining me in celebrating Jesus’ birth today. I have to admit to you all that Christmas morning services are some of my favorite all year, which is always odd since I was born and remain a life-long night owl, AND my

Hope in a Time of COVID

Merry Christmas. Tonight, I am going to preach about hope, the hope we experience through the birth of Jesus. It is a good time to talk of hope. We are in a moment that feels hopeful, doesn’t it? We are like that dove perched on the widow of Noah’s ark, poised, ready to flap back

Let it Be

Good morning Christians, seekers, and friends! One of the things I most appreciate about our God is that God, my creator, really loves the real “me.” God is a down-to-earth, lover of all humanity and creation kind of God, who, even though I have spent years trying to live up to my idea of what