Epiphany honored in Guatemala

Parishioners Ann Beck and Holly Boone traveled in November to the mountains of Guatemala to attend the graduation of 9th and 11th graders at Nicolás Christian School.   Epiphany was honored at the ceremonies for the scholarship aid our church has provided in this poor, remote area where free public education ends at 6th grade.

The Founding of St. John’s, Kirkland

Dear Epiphany, Most of you are probably not familiar with Father Cameron Morrison, but he was a significant priest in this parish a long time ago. If his name sounds familiar, it may be because of the significant controversy that arose after his untimely death in 1922. Father Morrison wasn’t feeling well so he went

Epiphany Conversations with the Rector

Dear Epiphany, Coming out of this time of lock-down, even as the virus itself still live in our community, people have reemerged in a way that is a bit like resurrection. Things are the same and things are different. Some see it and some don’t. Some have faith in the institutions that had to shut

November 5th Meeting: Women’s Retreat Group

Dear Friends, Please join us Saturday, November 5th , in the Great Hall for the Women’s Retreat Group’s unique 4-hour retreat on discernment. Our Special Guest, Diana Bender, Ministry Leader of Discernment, will lead us as we ponder the question, “Where is God Calling Me?” The pandemic led lots of people to consider big changes:

Women’s Retreat Group: October Meeting Notes

Dear Epiphany, Our monthly Women’s Retreat Group met Oct. 1 at the Christie Library from 9-11am. There were 10-11 women in attendance. We fellowshipped a while over Coffee, tea and treats. (Grapes, apricots, orange slices, crackers with goat cheese and Just Jack cheese, shortbread and ginger snap cookies and orange/cranberry muffins). Ann Beck opened our

YWCA Holiday Giving

Dear Epiphany, This year’s holiday giving will be different from past years. Thanksgiving: The YWCA wants to provide each family with gift cards for $75 for each family member. So, a family of 4 will need $300 in gift cards. We won’t have specific family assignments but will provide as many $75 gift cards as