Harrowing Of Hell

YWCA Holiday Giving

Dear Epiphany, This year’s holiday giving will be different from past years. Thanksgiving: The YWCA wants to provide each family with gift cards for $75 for each family member. So, a family of 4 will need $300 in gift cards. We won’t have specific family assignments but will provide as many $75 gift cards as

Haiti Micah’s Father Constant Honored for his Work

The Reverend Joseph M. Constant, founder and president of the Haiti Micah Project, was honored this past Thursday when he received a 2022 United States President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Haiti Micah Project is one of Epiphany’s long-standing ministry partners, and our parish can rejoice at Father Constant’s well-deserved recognition for his devotion to desperately

Service & Outreach Parishioner Grants Awarded

Epiphany’s Service & Outreach Team recently awarded six grants in support of nonprofit organizations nominated by Epiphany parishioners.   One organization receiving funding is the Refugee Artisan Initiative in Lake City, where parishioner Ed Emerson is an ardent volunteer. The RAI, which happened to be featured in the September 19 Seattle Times, trains refugee women

Epiphany’s Partners in Jerusalem: Have A Heart 2022

Every February, the Service & Outreach Committee invites the parish to the annual “Have a Heart” celebration following a beautiful Choral Evensong service. This event is the main fundraiser for all of Epiphany’s outreach ministries. This year, Bishop Greg is Epiphany’s guest, highlighting our partners in the Holy Land. You can watch the full service

February 6: Tiny Home Build

Epiphany is building Tiny Homes on Sunday, February 6, 2:00 – 6:00 pm at 5 S Nevada St. We would like to have up to 12 volunteers. You can learn more about the Tiny Homes Mission at this link. Please let Jenny Cummins at jennycummins@gmail.com or Pete Melin at petermelin26@gmail.com know if you’d like to join us. Register

Update on Epiphany’s Sponsorship of an Afghan Refugee Family

The Diocese just connected us with a family from Afghanistan with whom we met last week. They have been here about a month and are living temporarily at an Airbnb, but should be in longer term housing by mid-December. They are a lovely family of six—the parents, two 10 year old twin girls, an 8 year

Epiphany is Supporting a Refugee Family from Afghanistan

We are faced with an historic opportunity to make a difference in the lives of refugees from Afghanistan. Epiphany will be working with the Diocese of Olympia to sponsor an Afghan family. But we need your help. Please join parishioners Sherilyn Peterson and Michael Fraas to assist with this initiative.   We have scheduled an