Harrowing Of Hell
January 19, 2023

Father Joseph Constant Speaks for Haiti

At Epiphany this past Sunday, the Reverend Joseph Constant, founder and president of the Haiti Micah Project, celebrated the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his prophetic call for justice for all people. Father Constant, a native of Haiti and now serving as the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Beltsville, Maryland, spoke at the morning forum about Haiti Micah and delivered the homily at Choral Evensong.

Fr. Constant thanked Epiphany for its faithful financial support of the work of Haiti Micah, which has become even more difficult and perilous since the 2021 assassination of Haiti’s president plunged the country into gang lawlessness and violence.

To mark our appreciation for Father Constant’s visit, the Service & Outreach Team was able (thanks to parishioners’ generous outreach giving) to provide an honorarium of $5,000 for Haiti Micah. Epiphany has supported the work of the Haiti Micah Project since 2012. During the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, our church gave more than $40,000 for the urgent needs of Haiti Micah’s orphanage and its community feeding program that provides a hot meal five days a week for as many as 500 destitute children.

You can hear Father Constant’s sermon, Evensong message, and his forum presentation on Epiphany’s YouTube channel. To understand the shameful history that has left Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Father Constant recommended the New York Times article “The Ransom,” first published May 20, 2022: The Root of Haiti’s Misery: Reparations to Enslavers


You can help support the Haiti Micah Project and other parish outreach work with your gift at Have a Heart on February 5!


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