Thank You, Robin Mondares!

Dear Epiphany,   As long as I’ve been here (and probably 25 years before that) Robin Mondares has been a stalwart backstop of compassion and prayer in this parish and as the leader of the Pastoral Care ministries. After 15+ years of leading Pastoral Care, she has handed over the primary operating duties of the

What is the Church? A Letter from Julian Petrallia

Dear Epiphany,  Warm greetings from Dallas, Texas! I am Julian Petrallia and I am thrilled to join Epiphany as your Assistant Director of Music in a few weeks. The church and community that I saw during my time in Seattle is what I have long dreamt of.  What is a church? For many, the word

Lent with Intent

Lent is a season of self-reflection and spiritual growth that lasts for 40 days before Easter Sunday. But why? Why do we mark this season? The answer lies in the the story we tell throughout the liturgical year: If Christmas was our celebration of the Incarnation, then Lent is the time we live into its

The Epiphany Proclamation: Announcing Easter!

+ THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF EASTER + Click on the links below to add these upcoming services to your calendar! Know, dear people of Epiphany, that, as we have rejoiced at the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, so by leave of God’s mercy we announce to you also the joy of his Resurrection, who is

Epiphany honored in Guatemala

Parishioners Ann Beck and Holly Boone traveled in November to the mountains of Guatemala to attend the graduation of 9th and 11th graders at Nicolás Christian School.   Epiphany was honored at the ceremonies for the scholarship aid our church has provided in this poor, remote area where free public education ends at 6th grade.