Harrowing Of Hell
March 3, 2023

Thank You Epiphany! Have A Heart Results

As of Friday, February 24, gifts to Have a Heart reached a record $119,847. The Service & Outreach Team is grateful beyond words for your generosity and also humbled by the trust you place in us to ensure that these funds do the greatest good.
As equally important to us as the dollars raised at Have a Heart is broad parish participation in this and other Epiphany outreach efforts. That remarkable $119,847, for example, represents donations from approximately a third of Epiphany’s 330 member households. If you have not yet had an opportunity to share in this work, please consider making a gift now or contact Amanda Eap at amanda@epiphanyseattle.org for other ways to lend a hand. You can learn about some of this work by viewing the Have a Heart program video on Epiphany’s YouTube channel.