Harrowing Of Hell
February 24, 2023

Thank You, Robin Mondares!

Dear Epiphany,
As long as I’ve been here (and probably 25 years before that) Robin Mondares has been a stalwart backstop of compassion and prayer in this parish and as the leader of the Pastoral Care ministries. After 15+ years of leading Pastoral Care, she has handed over the primary operating duties of the ministry to Diane Carlisle. Join me in giving Robin thanks for all that she done as the leader of Pastoral Care.

Robin has many pastoral gifts, first among them, at least in my opinion, based on my personal experience as a recipient, is prayer. Her prayers come from her soul, mediated through the words of her heart, and informed by her significant study of holy scripture. Robin is what I would call an out-and-out Jesus person. She talks to him; she studies his life; she prays to him; she gives thanks to him in all things. And she has discerned through her own prayer that it is time to step aside, leaving in her wake a thriving pastoral care ministry. Epiphany now has pastors at Parkshore, Horizon House, Skyline, Aegis, Washington Park Tower, and Mirabella. The weave around parishioners who are homebound has also grown tighter as well. 

How we care for one another is critical to how we thank God for what God has done for us. Robin has been the champion of this message for a long time, and I suspect will continue to carry it to all avenues of her life. That said, a gift such as hers can’t be put under a bushel basket. She will continue to take Holy Communion to people who request it, and she will pray for those on our prayer list.  Serving the Eucharist and prayer are her charisms; they are core to her spirit.

So, join me in giving Robin thanks for all that she has done as the leader of Pastoral Care. She has blessed this parish mightily, and for that we are grateful.

Yours in Christ,