Harrowing Of Hell

Christmas Day

John 1:1-18 I love this service. In fact, don’t tell anybody, but it might be my favorite service of the entire year. Sure, I love the pageantry and excitement of Christmas Eve, and I love the pageantry and joy of Easter, but there is something special to me about Christmas Day. For one thing, it’s

Christmas Comfort for the Women of Angeline’s

In early December, Sue Cary and Sherilyn Peterson (shown left with a staff member) delivered two carloads of gift bags to Angeline’s Day Center for Women. The 100 stylish tote bags were donated by parishioner Suzanne Whitaker, and the cash gifts ($6,245!) that poured in from generous donors filled each bag with warm house slippers,

Christmas Eve and Raccoons

Good evening. Merry Christmas. It’s lovely to be with you whether you’re here in person or online. We gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a day where the light of God comes into the world in a personal and wonderful way. This is the way in which God articulates God’s cosmic

Joy to the World!

Good morning Christians, seekers and friends: Merry Christmas! And thank you so much for joining me in celebrating Jesus’ birth today. I have to admit to you all that Christmas morning services are some of my favorite all year, which is always odd since I was born and remain a life-long night owl, AND my

A Christmas Festival

Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoyed this journey through the stories of Jesus’s birth this evening. It is a different way than usual to celebrate Christmas Eve at Epiphany Parish. But the COVID restrictions necessitated this change, and that is OK, it is how it should be. This is, yet one more reason this COVID

Hope in a Time of COVID

Merry Christmas. Tonight, I am going to preach about hope, the hope we experience through the birth of Jesus. It is a good time to talk of hope. We are in a moment that feels hopeful, doesn’t it? We are like that dove perched on the widow of Noah’s ark, poised, ready to flap back

Registration for Christmas Services is Open!–UPDATED

As we do every year for the 100+ years we’ve been here as a community, Epiphany will celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ with multiple services — except that, this year, we have to do that celebrating a little differently. To learn more and plan for each of these offerings, click here to

YWCA Adopt-A-Family Sign-Ups Are Here!

Sherilyn Peterson   As far back as I can remember, Epiphany has generously helped YWCA shelter families with seasonal giving.  Parishioners provide cheery Easter baskets. At the end of Summer we provision, stuff and deliver back-to-school backpacks. We collect pumpkins, costumes, candy and carving toys for Halloween.  We provide generous baskets of food to families