Harrowing Of Hell

Listen. A Sower Went out to Sow

To watch the sermon click here. I’ve heard the Parable of the Sower more times than I can count, and I’ll bet many of you have too. And I almost always hear the parable as being about me. You know, what kind of soil am I? Am I rocky? Am I shallow? Am I full

A Call to Evangelism

Today is our annual meeting, when we gather to review what has happened this last year, to elect our leaders for the coming year, and to consider where the Holy Spirit may be leading us. Some of you know that recently we had a consultant come in to help us wonder how we shift from

Ambiguity Capacity as a Kingdom of God Experience

I’m reading a book right now called Nonsense by Jamie Holmes, and in it he makes a claim that grabbed my attention. He wrote: “As uncertainties add up in the world around us, they accelerate our desire for certainty.” When I read this, I was reminded of a sermon I preached on Easter day 2014:

Miracles Growing!

Good morning Christians, seekers, and friends! How are you?  Isn’t this time of year just glorious in Seattle? As a quick look at my bulletin letter will show, I am obsessed with Seattle’s flowering trees and plants lately. Their blooms, fragrance, and abundant beauty in our wonderful city overwhelms me. I get a similar feeling