Harrowing Of Hell

Our Everyday Cross

To watch the sermon, click here. Today’s story has me thinking about the cross. It is ubiquitous in our lives.  Here in church, the cross is everywhere: we make the sign of the cross before the Gospel is read; before we settle in to hear the sermon; before and after we take communion; during the

UK Pilgrimage: Closing Prayers

Dear Epiphany,   Our second walking pilgrimage of the summer has now come to an end. Nine pilgrims began walking in Melrose, Scotland. We walked part of the Borders Abbeys Way stopping to reflect at Melrose Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey, Kelso Abbey, and Jedburgh Abbey. From Jedburgh we continued our walk along St. Cuthbert’s Way out

Want to join the Epiphany Choir in England this Summer?

This summer, the Epiphany Choir will spend a week in residency singing choral services in Durham Cathedral, preceded by two days at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. While the choir sings Eucharist and Evensong on a regular basis at Epiphany, being the resident choir in one of England’s great cathedrals is sure to be an

The Pilgrims’ Icon

Dear Epiphany, I’m taking a moment to step back from sermon preparation for Holy Week to write you this letter of introduction to a new dimension of worship being introduced and Epiphany… iconography.  We have had icons in our midst since I’ve arrived at Epiphany. We have had icon writing classes and classes teaching how

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Dear Epiphany, As most of you know, I am off to the Holy Land on pilgrimage with 22 other Epiphany pilgrims. We will return on March 9. It’s a long-planned trip, as these things must be, indeed, having been rescheduled a few times given the pandemic. These pilgrimages are refreshing to my soul, and also,

Pilgrimages From Home

Not long before the pandemic began last year, some fantastic Epiphanites loaned me three books before we knew what would unfold during these intervening 12 months.  “A year later, these three books (kept in Ziploc bags as I do since I worked in a bookstore where we could read any book for free as long