Harrowing Of Hell

Ancient Practices: The Spiritual Disciplines this Fall

Sundays | Begins September 18 | 4:00 pm | Christie House Library & Zoom Susan Pitchford & Lisa Ozaeta In this study, we will examine seven Christian practices that are rooted in our ancient traditions. We will cover: 1. Prayer, 2. the Liturgical Year, 3. Being the Church Community, 4. the Eucharist, 5. Holiness of

Adult Formation in Lent

March 13, 20, 27, & April 3, 10 | Great Hall & Zoom   Lent is a season when Christians traditionally choose a spiritual discipline to practice, which we hope will draw us closer to God. We often think of this as a time of deprivation and sacrifice, but experimenting with spiritual disciplines can be

Ambiguity Capacity as a Kingdom of God Experience

I’m reading a book right now called Nonsense by Jamie Holmes, and in it he makes a claim that grabbed my attention. He wrote: “As uncertainties add up in the world around us, they accelerate our desire for certainty.” When I read this, I was reminded of a sermon I preached on Easter day 2014:

Lenten Day of Quiet

Begin your Lent with a Day of Quiet contemplation of what God might be doing in your life. Join a peaceful, beautiful space to relax, pray, stare out the window or at the fire, journal, create art, meditate or try out prayer exercises. Feel free to drop in and out, for as short as 30