Harrowing Of Hell
February 26, 2022

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Dear Epiphany,

As most of you know, I am off to the Holy Land on pilgrimage with 22 other Epiphany pilgrims. We will return on March 9. It’s a long-planned trip, as these things must be, indeed, having been rescheduled a few times given the pandemic. These pilgrimages are refreshing to my soul, and also, though I’ve taken 8 of them, life-changing every time.  If you haven’t been on pilgrimage with me to the Holy Land, please add it to your to do list.  We’ll be going again in 2 years, God willing.

While gone, our Sunday February 27 and Ash Wednesday services will be led by The Rev. Lex Breckinridge.  Some of you may know him.  He is the recently retired Rector from St. Thomas, Medina. He is a dear friend, and I am grateful to him for being available. Our March 6 services will be celebrated by The Rev. Bente Carter. She is a retired priest who has been at Epiphany in the pews for the last few years.  Some of you may know her from Bible Study.  They are fine, seasoned clergy, and we are blessed by their assistance while I’m gone.

In addition to their worship leadership, in the case of a pastoral emergency where priests are required, we have solid coverage. I am also checking my emails and text messages, so I can be reached as well.  Also, Laura Rodde (lrodde@epiphanyseattle.org), our Chief of Staff, and Zach Hemenway (zhemenway@epiphanyseattle.org), our Director of Music, are here to cover any questions or needs or concerns you may have.  Please reach out to them if need be, particularly if there is an emergency.

Finally, please keep me and our pilgrims in your prayers. 

Peace upon your souls.