Harrowing Of Hell

The Founding of St. John’s, Kirkland

Dear Epiphany, Most of you are probably not familiar with Father Cameron Morrison, but he was a significant priest in this parish a long time ago. If his name sounds familiar, it may be because of the significant controversy that arose after his untimely death in 1922. Father Morrison wasn’t feeling well so he went

Rest Eternal Grant to The Reverend Pete Strimer

Dear Epiphany,   I’m very surprised and saddened to report to you that our dear pastor and friend, Pete Strimer, died quite unexpectedly from a heart attack. As you know, last year Pete moved permanently to Florida, and so no longer was part of our clergy team. That said, when he was in town, he

The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the center of this cultural moment for so many of us around the world, it’s worth taking a minute to reflect on her relationship to us as Episcopalians. Is there any reason for us to pay attention to news like that from across the pond? First, some

An Essay on Evil

Dear Epiphany, St. Augustine taught that evil is not a substance. It is, as it were, a by-product of our freedom, and especially of our sin. Some say the effects of that sin did not fall solely on the world of humans, but spilled over into the natural world as well, in the form of

Today, We Are Reminded…

Dear Epiphany,   It is so startling to hear that 21 people who got up in the morning yesterday to go to school and do their work, never came home. There’s nothing to account for that kind of evil, except evil itself. In its wake, there is a spiritual disquietude that stirs the hearts of

Staff Updates at Epiphany

Dear Epiphany, I find it wonderfully providential that our retreating from the pandemic has so seamlessly coincided with a new model for the Epiphany staff. Since last November, we have been working with Nathan Kirkpatrick from Saison Consulting to consider our staffing needs and how they correspond with care for the congregation, the rejuvenation of

Rector’s Sabbatical: Preparing for Going Out and Inviting In

Dear Epiphany, I’m going on Sabbatical this June, July, and August.  I have been Rector of Epiphany for over 14 years, and it is time to once again step away and rest, reflect, and write. This reprieve will wonderfully coincide with my wife, Kristin’s, sabbatical from Kaiser Permanente, as well as my son Desmond’s graduation

Epiphany’s Donations at Work in Ukraine

Dear Epiphany, Well done!  Yes, we are a parish that seeks to form the spirit and soothe the soul, but we’re also a place that seeks to care for the body and our neighbor as well. How do I know? See the ambulance below! Father Andriy, the priest for Holy Trinity Ukrainian church, texted me

The Pilgrims’ Icon

Dear Epiphany, I’m taking a moment to step back from sermon preparation for Holy Week to write you this letter of introduction to a new dimension of worship being introduced and Epiphany… iconography.  We have had icons in our midst since I’ve arrived at Epiphany. We have had icon writing classes and classes teaching how