Harrowing Of Hell
October 14, 2022

Want to join the Epiphany Choir in England this Summer?

This summer, the Epiphany Choir will spend a week in residency singing choral services in Durham Cathedral, preceded by two days at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. While the choir sings Eucharist and Evensong on a regular basis at Epiphany, being the resident choir in one of England’s great cathedrals is sure to be an incredibly meaningful time when Epiphany’s singers can experience the beauty of Anglican music in its original context. On this pilgrimage, we will sing services (almost) daily, pray and learn together, share meals, and explore the history of the surrounding area.

The choir residency will be an opportunity for the Epiphany Choir to share its gifts on a world stage, a significant moment for growth as an ensemble. English cathedrals have high expectations on the quality of singing, repertoire, and liturgical leadership, and to be invited to serve in residence is an honor for the choir and parish as a whole.

As residents, the choir will have the privilege of stepping into a several hundred years old tradition of daily Evensong. They will become acquainted with the two Cathedrals’ rhythms and cultures, and bring that experience back to their ministry in Seattle. The preparation for this residency will a leap in our musical, spiritual, and liturgical journey. Lastly, this trip will be an opportunity for Epiphany to form connections with other Anglican communities that treasure the English choral tradition.

There are more than 40 singers going on the trip along with various friends and family members. We have room for about another 25 members of Epiphany to join us as non-singing pilgrims. The UK portion of the trip costs about $2650 (not including airfare) and includes room, some meals, and excursions. We will depart Seattle on August 10 and wrap up in Durham on August 21.

Please contact Laura Sargent at lsargent@epiphanyseattle.org if you are interested. We will take additional travelers on a first come, first service basis.