Harrowing Of Hell

Rector’s Sabbatical: Preparing for Going Out and Inviting In

Dear Epiphany, I’m going on Sabbatical this June, July, and August.  I have been Rector of Epiphany for over 14 years, and it is time to once again step away and rest, reflect, and write. This reprieve will wonderfully coincide with my wife, Kristin’s, sabbatical from Kaiser Permanente, as well as my son Desmond’s graduation

Epiphany’s Donations at Work in Ukraine

Dear Epiphany, Well done!  Yes, we are a parish that seeks to form the spirit and soothe the soul, but we’re also a place that seeks to care for the body and our neighbor as well. How do I know? See the ambulance below! Father Andriy, the priest for Holy Trinity Ukrainian church, texted me

The Pilgrims’ Icon

Dear Epiphany, I’m taking a moment to step back from sermon preparation for Holy Week to write you this letter of introduction to a new dimension of worship being introduced and Epiphany… iconography.  We have had icons in our midst since I’ve arrived at Epiphany. We have had icon writing classes and classes teaching how

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Dear Epiphany, As most of you know, I am off to the Holy Land on pilgrimage with 22 other Epiphany pilgrims. We will return on March 9. It’s a long-planned trip, as these things must be, indeed, having been rescheduled a few times given the pandemic. These pilgrimages are refreshing to my soul, and also,

Celebrating The Rev. Kate Wesch

Dear Epiphany,   Many of you remember Kate Wesch, our beloved Senior Associate, who was here at Epiphany for over 10 years. She left in 2018 to be the Rector of the Saint John the Baptist Parish in West Seattle, where she accomplished great things in a short period of time. Recently she’s been called

Epiphany’s Anchorite: Meet Susan Pitchford!

Dear Epiphany,   I am thrilled to announce that Susan Pitchford is joining the Epiphany team as a volunteer professional to ply her gifts as an educator to help with adult spiritual formation. Many of you have experienced classes she has taught and retreats she has led here at Epiphany. Click here to read her

Big News! A Guided Liturgy for Families

Dear Epiphany,   BIG NEWS!   Beginning Sunday, September 5, at 8:45 am, there will be a new service called A Guided Liturgy for Families. Yes, it will run concurrently with the 8:45 am service in the church. We can handle it, by the grace of God, through the wonderful leadership of so many of

Parish Reading: Keller & Von Balthazar

Hope in the Time of Fear (Timothy Keller)   I invite you to join me in reading this book over the summer. Timothy Keller is the Senior Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. He comes out of the Reformed tradition and, as such, carries with him a theological perspective that is just

Congratulations Charissa!

On June 15, Charissa Bradstreet will be ordained a priest at Saint Mark’s Cathedral. She has been an active leader in the life of Epiphany Parish for 12 years, and will be carrying on her ministry as an ordained person before the broader Episcopal Church. She will be of great service, though we are sad