Harrowing Of Hell
September 11, 2021

Epiphany’s Anchorite: Meet Susan Pitchford!

Dear Epiphany,
I am thrilled to announce that Susan Pitchford is joining the Epiphany team as a volunteer professional to ply her gifts as an educator to help with adult spiritual formation. Many of you have experienced classes she has taught and retreats she has led here at Epiphany. Click here to read her biography, including titles of books she’s written. What Susan will be working towards is creating opportunities for us achieve balance in our lives, inspire our spiritual renewal, and increase soulful equanimity. I encourage you to introduce yourself to Susan if you haven’t already met her. She is an exceptional theologian and someone to make an appointment with if you would like a spiritual friend with whom to assess where you are on your spiritual journey. She will be a great educational and pastoral colleague to Ruth Anne, Diane, and myself. I am so glad she’s on the team.