Harrowing Of Hell

Juneteenth: A Day to Honor God’s Promised Jubilee

Dear Epiphany,  The Hebrew people laid claim to the idea that no one should spend a lifetime in servitude. The entire Jewish tradition is built on the story of their emancipation from the yoke of slavery under the Egyptians. To this day, the Jewish people remember and celebrate their liberation.  And so, they proclaimed:  “You

George Floyd, COVID-19, and The Great Timeout

Dear Epiphany, From the early days of the stay-at-home order, I have been referring to this time of COVID-19 as the Great Timeout. The name came, of course, from my experience as a parent, sending my children to timeout to consider what they had done, and not come out until they were ready to apologize

Pentecost 2020

Dear Epiphany, Happy Pentecost. This service serves to bracket the season of Easter. It began at the Great Vigil, where the light of Christ was brought into the Church, and it ends today with that light of Christ being carried out into the world. You are the Church that brings this light into the world.