Harrowing Of Hell
August 28, 2021

Big News! A Guided Liturgy for Families

Dear Epiphany,
Beginning Sunday, September 5, at 8:45 am, there will be a new service called A Guided Liturgy for Families. Yes, it will run concurrently with the 8:45 am service in the church. We can handle it, by the grace of God, through the wonderful leadership of so many of you. 
We are celebrating this service because it’s important to teach our children what liturgy is, how it works, and what it means for their lifelong spiritual health. Of course, the service is open for everyone, but if you come, come knowing that it is designed to teach young people about our liturgy and facilitate conversation within families… hence, A Guided Liturgy for Families. There will be singing, processions, prayers, preaching, and Eucharist, just like any other Episcopal service. It will also be a highly participatory, calling into service people in attendance and talking about the service as we go. The hope is that by the time our young people are in third or fourth grade and find themselves in choristers or serving as an acolyte in the main church, they will know the Episcopal service by heart, which means having it as the guiding principle in their heart for a lifetime.