Harrowing Of Hell

The Gathering Church

To watch the sermon click here. I’m so glad to see all of you today. Thank you to everybody that brought this day together. Thank you to the liturgical team including the choir. It is so nice to have you back. Well done in England. Thank you to all of you who brought food. Thank

Iconic Hospitality

To watch the sermon click here. This morning I pick up where Lex left off last Sunday with his sermon on the hard sayings of Jesus. Today, I’m inviting you to follow Jesus’ most difficult teachings. I’m asking you to pray for the IRS! Yes, to pray for those faceless bureaucrats whose job, it sometimes

We are the Samaritans

Who were the Samaritans? We’ve all heard Jesus’s parable of the Good Samaritan, the religious outsider who compassionately cared for the poor man beaten and left for dead in the ditch. The man who had been avoided by the religious insiders, the Priest and the Levite, because they thought he might be dead and coming

Battle for Christianity – Annual Appeal

I am so glad to be here with you today. I just returned from a board meeting for the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes in Atlanta, and then flew to Essex Connecticut where I preached at Kate Wesch’s installation as Rector at Saint John’s Church. Incidentally, Kate is doing very well, as is her family,

This Sunday, the Fourth of July

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! Happy Fourth of July everyone. I am offering up a special prayer of thanksgiving for everyone joining us today both here in the church building and at home because I am so glad that you are taking the time to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ and our Epiphany community

The Parables of Jesus

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! How are you?  Okay, so I have a question for you. How many of you here LOVE poetry? How many of you like poetry? And how many of you think it is a bunch of pretentious BS that nobody really understands but that we’ve been taught to respond to