Harrowing Of Hell

Technology and the Feast of Pentecost

9,000 years ago bricks were invented, and they are still around today. I have no idea how many bricks make up these walls, but I do know these bricks define this sacred space, as a place set apart. Without bricks the windows would not be held in place, and the ceiling would not vault overhead.

Why We Need the Body of Christ

Last Sunday we talked about moral blindness. We talked about how moral blindness causes us to have moral blind spots, like driving blind spots, except for our spiritual life, in ways that inhibit our relationships.  We defined moral blindness as: an unconscious barrier produced externally from ourselves, that inhibits us from seeing our actions clearly,

Pentecost 2020

Dear Epiphany, Happy Pentecost. This service serves to bracket the season of Easter. It began at the Great Vigil, where the light of Christ was brought into the Church, and it ends today with that light of Christ being carried out into the world. You are the Church that brings this light into the world.