Harrowing Of Hell

The Lord is in this Place

To watch the sermon click here. How does God bring heaven to earth, and earth to heaven? In our reading from Genesis this morning, we have the famous story of Jacob’s ladder. The context: Isaac and Rebekah have two sons: Esau the elder twin, has been a good kid, but Jacob is a bad boy

AI Sermon Series #2: The Ontological Nature of a Person

Click here to watch the sermon Last Sunday we learned from Peter that we have a title: the Royal Priesthood. It is the title of humanity, shared by all humanity, universally. In the age of generative artificial intelligence being human is becoming our common denominator, our core connection, and hopefully, our top priority. That may

The God who Makes, Moves, Purposes, and Renews

As we sit in darkness having heard the Cantor sing: “This is the night…” we remember. This is the night we remember who our God is. We tell the stories about what our God has done. We remember that it is God who saves us. The song we just sang makes the point:   Surely it

Battle for Christianity – Annual Appeal

I am so glad to be here with you today. I just returned from a board meeting for the Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes in Atlanta, and then flew to Essex Connecticut where I preached at Kate Wesch’s installation as Rector at Saint John’s Church. Incidentally, Kate is doing very well, as is her family,

Grace of God

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends: We live in a bubble of grace. While we may not always recognize it, each and every cell in our body—each and every hair on our head is not only surrounded by, but made of, God. Will you do me a favor? For just a minute will you close