Harrowing Of Hell

Guardians of Hope

Good morning. HAPPY EASTER! I’m so glad to see you today. There is a sense that we’re back to normal, if that’s really possible in a world where COVID is endemic. In fact, I know some of you can’t be here today because you have COVID. I’m glad you’re joining us online. I hope you’re

The God who Makes, Moves, Purposes, and Renews

As we sit in darkness having heard the Cantor sing: “This is the night…” we remember. This is the night we remember who our God is. We tell the stories about what our God has done. We remember that it is God who saves us. The song we just sang makes the point:   Surely it

Holy Week & Easter 2020

Prepare Your Home For Holy Week: Download PDF 4/5, PALM SUNDAY, 8:45 AM  Bulletin | Print a Palm | Service Livestream | Children’s sermon 4/8, EVENING PRAYER. 6:00 PM Bulletin | Service Livestream THE TRIDUUM 4/9, MAUNDY THURSDAY, 7:30 PM Bulletin | Service Broadcast | Facebook Event 4/10, GOOD FRIDAY, 7:30 PM Bulletin | Service Broadcast | Facebook Event | Children’s sermon 4/11, THE EASTER VIGIL,  8:00 PM Bulletin| Service