Harrowing Of Hell

Baptism – The Nature of the Soul as a Person’s Identity

Today is All Saints’ Day, and it is a big day, because today is the day I get to introduce you to Ms. Ira Rose, Mr. Wes Eap, and Mr. Nasir David Mercy. They are the ones we are baptizing. And by this baptism we are saying they belong to this community and that we

Where the Wild Things Are

Good morning Christians, seekers, and friends: Welcome. It is well that you have come. And we are made better, more whole, with you here as a unique and important part of the body of Christ. Now the phrases above are a little like a definition of or even a little of the etymology of the

Communion & Unity Under God

This November, we will hold fast to the reality of our interconnectedness across time, place, and preference in a series of worship and prayer opportunities.     All Saints Day & Baptisms November 1 | 9:00 & 11:15 am | Church   This is a major feast day of the church and is also a