Harrowing Of Hell

The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, Year A

A Reflection by the Rev. Kate E. Wesch Luke 2: 15-20 (Luke 2: 21-38) In the name of God; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. In these days between the nativity of Christ and the arrival of the three magi, things were happening in the time of Jesus. During these 12 days

Peace Be With You

April 3, 2016, Diana Bender preaching

Change usually causes some pain. Sometimes it’s straightforward loss when a beloved dies or a grand plan is completely dashed, or a more bittersweet transition like sending a beloved child to college. But, Peace be with you! The breath of God is with us in these times of pain. If we can be present to the pain and open ourselves to the comfort of Jesus’ peace, the presence of the Holy Spirit we can get to the next step on the path.

Evening Prayer: Pilgrimage as Spiritual Discipline

March 2, 2016, Diana Bender preaching

Whenever I start to think I know better, practicing the spiritual disciplines pulls me back, whether it’s praying Hour by Hour, worshipping every Sunday or going on pilgrimage. Together the spiritual disciplines reorient me to a deeper reality. They open me up to grace and to the action of the Holy Spirit in a way that is often powerful and helpful, and sometimes (like with the pilgrimage) even transformational.