Harrowing Of Hell
October 18, 2022

Rest Eternal Grant to The Reverend Pete Strimer

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Dear Epiphany,

I’m very surprised and saddened to report to you that our dear pastor and friend, Pete Strimer, died quite unexpectedly from a heart attack. As you know, last year Pete moved permanently to Florida, and so no longer was part of our clergy team. That said, when he was in town, he would drop in for Sunday service, and I know he was following us online. Now he is following us from his eternal resting place in God’s divine economy.
And I know what he’s doing there… he’s dancing. You may remember his iconic sermon about how he and a group of friends (he called them the dance junta) made a pact that whenever they were at a place where the dance was being called and no one was dancing, they would step onto the dance floor. Pete is dancing right now, no question about it.
As for those of us that know him and love him, there is mourning. I invite you to sign a card this Sunday (October 23) in the Great Hall, that we will send it to his widow El. I also encourage you to follow this link to his fabulous teachings on the Book of Common Prayer. The Reverend Pete Strimer was a gifted teacher, a dear friend, and a fabulous pastor and preacher. He will be missed.
We will keep you posted about any funeral service happening in Seattle.
Peace upon your souls.
Yours in Christ,