Harrowing Of Hell


Notes from Mary McGuire: WRG November 5th Retreat on Discernment and the Holy Spirit The WRG met for 4 ½ hours on Saturday, November 5 and participated in 3 hours of Discernment with parishioner Diana Benson, enjoyed a one-hour social time with salad lunch following the Discernment activities. A half hour meet-and-greet social time with

Women’s Retreat Group: October Meeting Notes

Dear Epiphany, Our monthly Women’s Retreat Group met Oct. 1 at the Christie Library from 9-11am. There were 10-11 women in attendance. We fellowshipped a while over Coffee, tea and treats. (Grapes, apricots, orange slices, crackers with goat cheese and Just Jack cheese, shortbread and ginger snap cookies and orange/cranberry muffins). Ann Beck opened our

Women’s Retreat Group: September Notes

Dear WRG attendees, I felt blessed to have each of you with us on the first day of the 2022-2023 Women’s Retreat Group season; thank you for attending. We’ve successfully kicked off the season and hope to address the technical snafus. Ann Beck will lead the next session with Lead Feed partner Ellie Kniffin on