Harrowing Of Hell
May 12, 2024



Many thanks for joining us at the March WRG gathering.  We have one more gathering before transitioning to our summer Meet & Tag On series and welcome the new WRG co-chairs, Karen Forbes and Valerie Conn.  Please see more details below WRG Lead Ann Beck’s wrap up notes.

We had a wonderful gathering this morning… the room swelled, and it will cause us to reconsider the seating arrangements!

May 4 Pic 1

Today’s readings provided an insight into how we are to live with ourselves and each other as Christians.  There was a bit of history as to why there are rules,  what they say to us and how we should make them part of our daily lives.  A reminder that we need to listen more and leave the judging to God.  It also was a reminder that sometimes just showing up is a priority….church  is our spiritual gym and  there are times when  just going through the motions is appropriate.  As we all know….relationship is primary!


May 6 Pic 5

When I sit in the room with all these amazing women who feel free to share their experiences, journeys, and insights, I say a huge thank you.  There is such power in that support.

We had a wonderful talk from Lex Breckenridge as he ( with loving assistance from his wife, Zonnie) shared his journey to the priesthood.  It was inspiring to learn how he/they listened to God, took the bold steps, and experienced how faith can make all things possible. 

May all of you have a week of listening!!

Blessings,   A


Please put a “Hold” on your calendars for our June 1st  gathering.  Our WRG Lead is Sarah Beshlian,  and our Special Guest, Bill Forbes, will speak about our parish run Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness.  We’ll send the invitation out shortly.

May 4 Pic 3


On Tuesday, June 12th, we’ll kick off the summer with a Tag On to our March Special Guest discussion on art. Elizabeth Roberts will lead as we take a deep dive into the details around the Sander Family Windows.  The parishioner Steve Sander will share incomparable insights about how they came to be, where the family installed the art, and it resided for years, and now, newly at home at Epiphany.  This event is open to you, your significant other, and your friends on Tuesday, June 12th, at 5:30 p.m. Please watch for this invitation in your email in early June.

May 4 Pic 4

Peace over your souls and joy to you and yours,

Elizabeth Roberts and Karen Forbes, WRG co-chairs