Harrowing Of Hell
March 12, 2024



 Many thanks for joining us in March and please sign up to join us at our away retreat in April.  You can find details and RSVP here: LINK.

We were blessed to have Lorelle Shearer, our first non-committee member, lead us in March. When we first asked Lorelle, we had no idea that we would be moving to a new meeting location, upgrading the Zoom capabilities, and that our Special Guest would make a PowerPoint presentation.  Undaunted, Lorelle did a fantastic job, thank you Lorelle!  Below is a bird’s eye view of the group from the Zoom perspective, followed by Lorelle’s wrap-up notes.

March 2nd Pic

From Lorelle: Women’s Retreat Group is growing! 

We have moved from the Christie House Library to the Great Hall.  Over 40 gathered on Saturday March 2nd.  Thank you to Judy Mayotte and Karen Smith for providing a lovely repast for all during the 8:30 to 9:00 gathering time.

March 2nd Pic 2

We welcomed those in attendance and on Zoom for a time of spiritual learning and sharing. 

After introductions and sharing our favorite art medium, Mary McGuire led us in an opening prayer.  We then moved to Hour by Hour followed by Forward Day by Day readings with reflections lead by Linda Albert Young, Kelli Martin, Wendy Sefcik and through the magic of Zoom, Karen Summerville.  Our liturgical moment was led by Diane Carlisle who talked about our time in Lent and introduced Relata, our all-parish endeavor for this Fall.

March 2nd Pic 3

Our special guest was Laurel Nesholm who, nine years ago, stepped up to Doyt’s request to be the head of Epiphany’s newly formed (by her) Art Guild. After researching Epiphany’s art and developing an Art Gift Policy, she is now Epiphany’s resource for ‘all things art’! She lead us through a PowerPoint presentation of the myriad of art pieces in our Parish from a Faberge egg and paintings to a little known hidden fireplace and lovely stained glass windows.


Barb Marshall graciously closed us in prayer.

Links & Books Discussed: