Harrowing Of Hell

St. George and Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

I am so glad to see you.  It is good to be home. You have been on my heart these last two weeks as I have been on pilgrimage with 22 other Epiphany parishioners in the Holy Land.  It was a rich experience, AND I am glad to be home with you. I wrote a

Christ & Creation | SANCTUS V, Feast of Saint Patrick

Today we celebrate a saint that is arguably the most famous symbol in the church, maybe even more beloved than Old Saint Nick, in his strong cultural significance as the patron saint of the Irish nation and diaspora worldwide. Saint Patrick’s boundary crossing appeal has us thinking about the place of “place” in God’s Kingdom.

Holy (Re-)Placement | SANCTUS II, Feast of Saint Matthias

Today, we’re meditating on holiness with Saint Matthias. He’s a lesser-known saint and a lesser-known apostle, in fact–in many ways, the lucky number 13. Saint Matthias is such a marginal figure in our imagination that even his feast has been moved around like a box of old books. Today is his traditional feast day, but church

The Power of the Dream

Good morning Christians, Seekers, and Friends! The year I heard A LOT about lemmings, was also the year that I heard A LOT of Fleetwood Mac. I was still in my first years of elementary school but I was pretty musically “savvy” thanks to my sister who is six years older than I am, and