Harrowing Of Hell


Epiphany is fortunate to have seven grand pianos (three Steinways, one Kawai, one Steiff, and two Chickerings), and one Baldwin spinet piano on campus. Most notable are the Kawai in the choir room, the Steinway in the church, and the 1901 Hamburg Steinway in the Chapel.

Lesson Scholarship Information

Several scholarships for tuition-free instrumental study at the Epiphany Music Academy are available to choristers willing to meet the attendance and practice requirements. We are fortunate to have the Epiphany Music Academy on our campus, giving our choristers access to world-class faculty on a variety of instruments. Chorister scholarships are funded by the Epiphany Music

Rehearsal & Service Schedule

The Choristers are restarting in September of 2022. For more information, please contact Laura Sargent, Music Department Coordinator, at lsargent@epiphanyseattle.org

Becoming a chorister

To be a chorister, children do not need to be Episcopalian or a member of Epiphany. Children of any religious affiliation, or no affiliation, are warmly welcomed. As choristers participate in the parish’s worship, they learn about Christian faith and the Episcopal tradition in an environment that teaches God’s love for everyone and respects other

May 23 – Joseph Williams, piano

Livestreamed at 6:15 p.m. on our youtube channel. Joseph Williams, piano Tacoma-based pianist Joseph Williams will close out our 2020-2021 season with a recital on Epiphany’s 1901 Hamburg Steinway our historic Chapel.

March 25 – An evening in Versaille

Byron Schenkman, harpsichord | Josh Romatowski, baroque flute  Adaiha MacAdam-Some, viol Friday, March 25, 2022 | 7:30 p.m. Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel.  Byron Schenkman and friends will perform a delightful program of French Baroque trios including Francois Couperin’s Concert Royal No. 2 and Jaques Morel’s Chaconne, among others. A reception will follow

January 28 – Pictures at an Exhibition

Dr. Robin McCabe, piano Friday, January 28, 2022 | 7:30 p.m. Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel.  Dr. Robin McCabe, internationally-renowned pianist and Professor of Piano at the University of Washington, will perform the original solo piano version of Modest Mussorgsky’s well-known Pictures at an Exhibition. Beginning with the famous Promenade

October 15 – Bach’s Goldberg Variations

Dr. Wyatt Smith, Harpsichord 7:30 p.m. Live in the church and live-streamed on our youtube channel.  Epiphany’s own Dr. Wyatt Smith will perform J. S. Bach’s famed Goldberg Variations on harpsichord. The Variations hold a unique place in the canon of classical music, having been adapted to a myriad of different instruments, including guitar, piano,