Harrowing Of Hell

All Adult Calls – both full choir and schola

These links list all rehearsals and services for any adult ensemble.  Full Adult Choir indicates the mandatory service for the day, while the term “schola” indicates it is optional for all volunteer singers. Schola calls will general require that you prepare music in advance of the day. List view: All Adult calls list view Calendar

Full Choir calls only

These links will only list the calls for the full choir. These are the calls which represent the baseline commitment to the choir. A sign-out sheet for communicating absences is located on the piano in the choir room. List view: Full choir calls only list view Calendar view: please note that this view does not

I grew up Catholic. What should I expect?

Services are very similar to what you grew up with except we have women priests and married priests. Another difference is that all people are welcome to receive communion. You will see some people genuflecting and/or crossing themselves during the service, and some not. We do have confession, but it is not required to take

How do I become a member?

Name it and claim it. If this is your spiritual home, where you come to praise God and practice your spiritual life, then you are a member. What this means for most people is that you attend worship regularly, contribute financially by way of a yearly pledge, and get involved in our common life. Our

Who can take communion?

Anyone!  If you are who you are, which is created by God as a child of God, then you are welcome to receive the bread and wine at Epiphany.  The technical, theological term is Open Table, meaning all people regardless of religious background are welcome to receive communion. Gluten free wafers are available. If you

Pasi Organ in the Chapel

The organ in the chapel was installed in 2016 by Tacoma-based organ builder Martin Pasi. Its action is mechanical and its construction is based on the same time-honored principles of the organ in the church. Click here for a stoplist and more information.

Noack Organ in the Church

The organ in the church was installed in 1997 by American organ builder Fritz Noack. It’s playing action is mechanical, which allows for optimum control of the speech of the pipes from the player. The tonal design of the Noack allows it to comfortably play music of a variety of styles and time periods. Click


In 2010 a spinet harpsichord was donated by parishioner Bill Hoppin. It was replaced by Mr. Hoppin in 2014 by a full-size, Flemish-style harpsichord from the workshop of Frank Hubbard in Boston. Its exterior finish was restored in 18th-century antique style under the direction of parishioner and antique specialist David Weatherford. It is currently at