Harrowing Of Hell
August 20, 2021

Pledging FAQs

What is the Annual Appeal?

This is a month-long fundraising campaign in the Fall of the year when parishioners are asked to commit financially to support the mission and programs and staff of their church.

What is a Pledge?

 Each year Epiphany parishioners are asked to make a financial commitment, known as a pledge, to support the operation of our church during the coming year. This pledge affirms your membership at Epiphany and your willingness to do your part to support it. The 2022 operating budget is primarily based on the amount of money pledged through the annual Fall appeal.

What is a Diocesan Assessment?

Epiphany does not receive any money from the Episcopal Church. Epiphany does support the Episcopal Church in Western Washington, known as the Diocese of Olympia, as well as the National Episcopal Church based in New York City. The assessment is based on a proportion of Epiphany’s annual revenue and is used by the broader church for mission work, disaster relief, and in support of struggling congregations in disadvantaged circumstances. 

When does my Pledge have to be paid?

Your pledge may be paid anytime you choose before the end of 2022.  Some make a one-time payment, while others pay at intervals such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  

How much should I Pledge?

A pledge is a heartfelt gift of gratitude for the blessings God has bestowed upon you. As scripture so notes: “All things come from thee, O Lord, and of thine own do we give to thee.”  When considering the amount of your pledge, take a minute to assess your household wealth and income, and then make a pledge in proportion to your material blessings. If your future financial situation is uncertain, consider a making a cautious pledge, and then should your income increase, increase your pledge. Your pledge of any amount shows is expression of faithfulness, thanksgiving, and practical support. Every pledge matters irrespective of size.