Harrowing Of Hell

Does Epiphany have a church app?

Yes! Many people prefer to use an app instead of logging in through a web browser. Once you’ve logged in for the first time, you can download the app called “Connect – Our Church Community” from the app store tied to your mobile device (Apple Store and Google Play). Log into the app with the

How can I use Realm to manage my giving?

Realm gives you control over your giving. Giving should be easy, and Realm places giving right in the palm of your hands. You may set up recurring gifts, view your giving history, pay your pledge, and make changes at any time. Realm automatically records all electronic gifts and adds them to your giving record making

Getting Started on Realm

If you would like to receive an invitation to join Realm, contact Laura Rodde at lrodde@epiphanyseattle.org.

Why use Realm?

Realm helps you be connected to Epiphany in ways that make sense to you. Once you log in, you can: Update your personal information Add a picture to your profile View your giving history and manage your giving Access the parish directory

What is Realm?

Realm is an online ministry tool. It helps Epiphany connect with you and you connect with Epiphany. Realm allows you to manage your personal information, control your giving, and keep in touch with groups that matter to you. All of our data is safely stored and backed up in the cloud, making it available 24/7

Pledging FAQs

What is the Annual Appeal? This is a month-long fundraising campaign in the Fall of the year when parishioners are asked to commit financially to support the mission and programs and staff of their church. What is a Pledge?  Each year Epiphany parishioners are asked to make a financial commitment, known as a pledge, to

How to Pay your Pledge

Set up recurring payments from your bank or your credit card at this link. Make regular payments by cash, check or credit card. Gift  appreciated stock by transferring to Epiphany’s secure account. Contact Epiphany Business Manager/Accountant, Pam Demian, at pdemian@epiphanyseattle.org for transfer instructions. Pay directly from your IRA to Epiphany. Depending on your age, you

Schola calls only

These links detail calls that are optional for volunteer singers. Schola calls will generally require that you prepare music in advance of the day (music can be found in the “upcoming music” link above). List view: Schola calls only List view Calendar view: please note that this view does not contain any important information regarding