Harrowing Of Hell

Dani Lugotoff

Dani Lugotoff joined the Epiphany staff in February of 2022 as the Campus Care Manager. Dani was born in Fulterton, CA and grew up in a small town called Ojai. In 2021, Dani graduated from Southern Oregon University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology. Through her education, she became increasingly interested

Lisa Ozaeta

Lisa is passionate about helping people connect with God and others. She is focused on learning how we can use digital spaces to experience God and grow in community. Lisa spends a lot of time navigating online spaces. She is an online seminary student at Bexley Seabury and teaches online at the University of Southern

Susan Pitchford

Susan joined Epiphany in 2015. She recently retired after nearly thirty years as a sociologist at the University of Washington, and before that she had a very short career as a nurse. She is a member of the Third Order, Society of St. Francis, which is a community that lives the Franciscan life “in the

Dr. Mike Evans

Mike and his wife Barbara joined Epiphany shortly after their marriage in the summer of 1968. They have both been involved in a number of parish activities over the years, but Mike’s primary commitment has been to service and outreach. He has a principal interest in matters of justice––economic, racial, environmental, or otherwise––as embodied in

Bill Forbes

Bill is a lifelong Episcopalian and a native of Washington, having grown up on Mercer Island.     He has been involved with Epiphany for 40 years, doing many volunteer activities; Service and Outreach, Operation Night Watch, and serving on the Vestry including being Senior Warden.  He is an avid skier and spends each summer exploring the Northwest

Laura Rodde

Laura joined the Epiphany staff in July of 2018. Laura grew up in Rochester, Minnesota, and received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  After moving to Seattle in 2001, Laura worked for Horizon Air and Red Tricycle. Laura brings a general management background, a passion for working with people, and a wear many

Megan Hutcheson

Megan is a long-time volunteer and project manager on the Epiphany Campus The Epiphany campus feels like a second home to Megan and its members a second family. She loves walking down hallways and sitting in spaces that bring back wonderfully rich memories full of the love and grace she’s always experienced at Epiphany.  Currently,

Dr. Wyatt Smith

Dr. Wyatt D. Smith joined Epiphany as an organ scholar in 2017.  Wyatt is a native of Rapid City, South Dakota. He serves at Epiphany Seattle as the Associate Director of Music and as Director of the Epiphany Music Academy. As the Associate Director of Music, he assists in the operations of Epiphany’s music program,