Harrowing Of Hell

Lauren Wearsch

Lauren is delighted to call Epiphany her spiritual home and is honored to serve this community as a member of the Vestry. To her, Epiphany is a place where she can explore and connect as her authentic self. She hopes to contribute to efforts that will make Epiphany this kind of place for anyone who

Judith Mayotte

Judith Mayotte took a circuitous route from Cape Town’s St. George’s Cathedral, to the Washington National Cathedral before landing at Epiphany in 2017.  Here she happily joined an engaged community of faith-filled people living out their Christian values. Through her work among and advocacy on behalf of refugees and internally displaced civilians, Judy wrote Disposable

Zach Miller

Zach Miller began attending Epiphany with his wife, Bethany, and children Eddie,Lydia, and Rhett in 2014 after moving to Seattle from Phoenix. Zach was received into the Episcopal Church in 2009 in Arizona. He is involved with EMG2 (Epiphany Men’s Group #2) and serves as a Eucharistic Minister and occasionally as an usher with his

Andrea King

Andrea joined the vestry in 2019 and she and her family have been part of the Epiphany community for about 11 years. She is a member of the Epiphany Choir and currently helps facilitate a Sacred Ground discussion group. For her “day job,” Andrea is Vice President of the Swedish Medical Center Foundation, helping lead

Brooke Bascom

Brooke joined the Epiphany community in 2011 with her husband, Wellesley Chapman, and daughters Zoë and Elliott. Brooke has been involved with the small group ministry and Sunday School. Wellesley has been active on the vestry, as a lay preacher, convener of acolytes and as a Eucharistic Minister. Zoë has been active in Choristers and