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SANCTUS: A Media Guild Offering

SANCTUS is an online offering from Epiphany’s Media & Communications Guild, first launched as six-part video series during Lent of 2021. This summer, SANCTUS returns as an “Ordinary Time” offering with a blend of video and Zoom gatherings.


July 22: The Feast of Mary Magdalene
YouTube | Watch Here

To learn more about the photography featured in this episode, click here.

July 29: The Feast of Mary & Martha
Zoom | Click here to watch a segment of this gathering

August 5: The Transfiguration
YouTube | Watch Here

August 12: The Feast of Florence Nightingale

August 19: The Feast of Mary the Virgin
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To watch The Reverend Doyt’s sermon on Saint Mary the Virgin from August 15, click here.
You can also read the sermon in full at this link.

Zoom | Click here to watch a reading of The Magnificat
Translated by Sabrina Reyes-Peters and recording during this final Zoom gathering.


“Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have mixed.
Lay aside immaturity and live and walk in the way of insight.”
(Proverbs 9:5-6)

“In every age, women have turned to the Scriptures to encounter God, to help make meaning of their lives, and to find guidance for themselves, their families, and their communities on how to live life well in God’s embrace.”
(Barbara E. Reid, Wisdom’s Feast)

“In a patriarchal culture like our own, women have become not only the “other” but simultaneously a symbolic sex. What is acted out on the female body parallels larger practices of domination, fragmentation, and conquest against the earth body, which is being polluted, strip-mined, deforested, and cut up into parcels of private property. Equally, this pattern points to the fragmentation of the psyche, which ultimately underlies and enables all this damage. The initial splitting of the psyche proceeds from a disavowal of interconnection and interdependency…split off from creation.”
(Jane Caputi, Earth at Risk) 

Season II of SANCTUS will be offered every Thursday at 5:30 pm, beginning on the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene (July 22) and ending on August 19, 2021, a few days after the Feast of St. Mary the Virgin. On alternating weeks, SANCTUS will take shape as both video essays on YouTube and Zoom gatherings on July 29 (Feast of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus), August 12 (Feast of Florence Nightingale), as well as an wrap-up and reflection session on August 26, if there is community interest.

Image Credit: Woman Wisdom, Donald Jackson, Copyright 2006, The Saint John’s Bible, Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota USA. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

SANCTUS (Lent 2021)

SANCTUS is an invitation into holiness through creative reflections on the Church’s holy women and holy men; in that sense, it is an experiment in hagio-graphy (“holy-writing”) — a fresh expression of contemporary perspectives on traditional themes and figures from our shared Christian heritage. Click here to learn more and read transcripts from season 1.