Harrowing Of Hell

Reading Plan Oct 9-Oct 15

This week, we will start the book of Leviticus. It’s a beautifully designed book and fundamental to understanding God’s relationship with his people. However, many people often misunderstand this book because of its cultural distance from most modern readers. One helpful way to grasp the meaning of Leviticus is to look at the fascinating symmetrical

Oct 5 Bible Study Video

Here is a link to the class on Exodus that we had online Thursday, October 5. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/KB3_n0w1gBal0eVs3ZkBGV3m7IuY-aVPFHdXsU6VpmrRc7uUmprf8kHCNjwqddeD.1PTILYHJtnum8gsZ


As we reach the closing pages of Genesis, let’s reflect on what this foundational book is all about. The stories in Genesis lay the groundwork for everything else that’s coming in the biblical narrative. God has a plan to rescue and bless his rebellious world through Abraham and his descendants. While you read this week,

Blog Post: Beginning and Blessing

We start our reading in Genesis with the creation story. The authors of Genesis were not attempting to write a historical or scientific record but were seeking to answer the questions that have been asked through the ages by all cultures – how did we get here and what does it all mean. The Hebrew