Harrowing Of Hell

Blog Post: Beginning and Blessing

We start our reading in Genesis with the creation story. The authors of Genesis were not attempting to write a historical or scientific record but were seeking to answer the questions that have been asked through the ages by all cultures – how did we get here and what does it all mean. The Hebrew

Sept 11-18 Reading Plan

This week, you’ll embark on an epic journey with some of the most important characters in the biblical narrative: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and the elusive Melchizedek. The first few pages of Scripture are a treasure trove that has sparked questions and discussions for centuries. Creation, the fall of humanity, the great flood, and

Which Bible Should I Use?

It is one week until we start the reading for the Read the Bible in a Year Program. You can access the full year’s reading plan here so you can get familiar with it and see the pace that we will be keeping. Each week you will get an email with the week’s reading, but

Year of the Bible

Have you ever wanted to read the whole Bible through or wondered how all of the stories fit together? Come join us on our ‘read the Bible in a year’ adventure, starting in September. Here are the ways in which you may participate. You may choose one or all of the options. Follow the One-Year