Harrowing Of Hell
September 19, 2023



Dear Women of Epiphany,

We had a lively discussion for the first of the season Saturday morning retreat on September 9th. Pic 15The Episcopal Church designated the day in memory of the Martyrs of Memphis, who in 1878 cared for the sick and dying during a yellow fever epidemic. We also honored the health care workers and first responders who cared for us in the Covid pandemic.

The theme for today was “then Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last” We looked in the Old Testament messages of God lifting us up and restoring us to health. And trust and receive forgiveness for our sins.  The theme of where we get our guidance was also important.  Who do we listen to?  In the case of Rehoboam, son of King Solomon, do we listen to the people and work together.  Do we always need to “rule” with in a harsh way.  Or can our doing so be harmful?  We discussed a “horse whisperer” and his gentle approach, and how we can harm our own relationships with our families and our children by not listening.  Can we develop an attitude of being curious to know more?  Just as we want God to listen to us, can we listen to God.

Pic 16

 In Jesus’ last moments he was crying out to God.  It was his “last breath” of existence in the body on Earth.  His coming to Earth to teach us, forgive us and to save our souls.  To open up God to everyone when the temple curtain was torn in two.

We discussed reading a chapter in the book Enduring Grace by Carol Lee Flinders about Teresa of Avila.  There will be a Book Discussion on Monday Oct 23 from 6:30pm to 8pm.  This is in preparation for our Nov 4th In City Retreat.

Lisa Ozaeta was with us for the morning and to tell us about the Year of the Bible, which started Sept 11th. You can sign up online and then getPic 17 weekly emails with the readings, and both Audio versions and You Tube video versions to assist us with this project.  Epiphanyseattle.org will also have learning and preaching tabs. 


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There are two ways to get direct support for this project weekly.  On Thursdays at 11am online only with St Johns and Rev. Kate Wesch joining Rev. Lisa Ozaeta; and on Fridays at 10:30am with Rev. Doyt Conn in Christie House Library or online.  It looks to be a marvelous journey together this year and we invite you to join us!

Please join us for our next meeting on Saturday, Oct 7th.

In Christ Jesus,
Karen Forbes, co-chair, and September Meeting Lead