Harrowing Of Hell
June 1, 2023

We are so Grateful…

Thank You For The Rice May 2023 CroppedYour gifts at Have a Heart this past February added up to a whopping $130,848! Now those gifts are making an outsized impact on innumerable lives here at home and far away.

When Epiphany’s check for $15,000 reached the Haiti Micah Project’s Virginia office, Sarah Desir (the office’s sole staff member) replied with the message, “We are so grateful to you and the Epiphany community for your steadfast generosity. This check is timely and will help us in so many ways to continue caring for, feeding, and educating the children.”

The YWCA is another of Epiphany’s nonprofit “best friends” who are grateful for our church’s steadfast support. Volunteers at the YWCA’s Central Food Bank were struggling to wrangle pallets of food with their old “manual” pallet jack. Our gift of $5,000 was more than enough to purchase a new motorized hand truck. With the remaining cash, the Food Bank was able to purchase rice in bulk from Costco at a cost lower than even Food Lifeline and Northwest Harvest.

For three organizations, Epiphany’s gifts helped leverage additional funding. Operation Nightwatch received $15,000 to include in its matching fund for Seattle’s annual Give Big nonprofit fundraising drive in early May. A generous donor to Sound Foundations Northwest matched Epiphany’s $17,500 gift for building materials for four tiny homes. Epiphany gave $15,000 to American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem (AFEDJ) for the match fund to stimulate giving for AFEDJ’s Easter Appeal for the Princess Basma Center in East Jerusalem. The appeal raised more than $90,000, permitting 50 additional families to receive training to provide therapy at home for their disabled children.

All gifts disbursed to date are listed below. Additional funds are being held for future needs, including $6,000 reserved for Afghan refugee family support through the Diocesan Refugee Resettlement Office and $10,000 earmarked for this year’s Parishioner-Sponsored Grants. (Information about applying for the grants will be provided later this summer).


If you have questions about the organizations receiving support, please contact Holly Boone at brausboone [at] msn [dot] com.