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May 15, 2023

WOMEN’S RETREAT GROUP: April Retreat Roll Up

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Dear Mindfulness from a Faith Perspective attendees –


Thank you for joining us on our 2023 away retreat and completing your surveys. The overwhelming top-line, your expectations were met or exceeded. Our committee will review your input – a terrific 63% of our 27 attendees – and strive to incorporate such thoughtful feedback.

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When asked for your favorite part, one surveyor noted, “Ooo, don’t make me choose…being in fellowship with such incredible women, laughing, praying, singing, dancing…”  Most would like the content streamlined, considering more breaks or time outside and small group breakouts to better process the information learned. For future themes, many would like more on meditation from the Bible, learning about contemporary and ancient women saints, and living life through Jesus regarding relationships (marriage, friendship, etc.). All in all, St. Andrew’s got high marks with the hopes that next go-round, our group will include the staff tip in the overall 2024 cost of the retreat.

You’ve also asked for photos.  Please note, Mary McGuire will be putting together a memory book.  Please email photos from the weekend you’d like to share to Mary: mkmcg42253@yahoo.com.  But, for now, please enjoy the attached WRG 2023 Attendee Facebook, attached.

We hope you’ve carried many of the mindfulness practices, the knowledge of new or deepened friendships, and spiritual and meditative disciplines back home with you. Finally, we hope you consider putting a hold on April 12 – 14 for our 2024 away retreat.

In Christ Jesus, we are Karen Forbes, Elizabeth Roberts, Valerie Conn, Ann Beck, Mary McGuire, and Ellie Kniffin – the WRG committee.

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